Putting a few employers in jail for violating U.S. immigration law would send the right message to California

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According to the Los Angeles Times, visits by federal immigration authorities are spooking California businesses and workers.

The observation begs the question, if they are doing nothing wrong, why are they spooked?

When agents visited convenience stores and trucking companies near the ports in recent weeks, the Times reports “it sent a chill through those businesses and others in the region.”

The employees who were in this country illegally stopped coming to work. Workers at neighboring companies wised up and bugged out too.

In the end, the Times goes on, ICE “agents served 122 notices to L.A.-area companies that they would be conducting an audit of their I-9 forms. Several weeks earlier, the same notices were given to 77 companies in Northern California.

I-9s are the forms on which employees attest to their work status and present documents to support that they are who they say they are and have the authorization to work.”

Sounds reasonable.

“If ICE determines that the documents show an employee is unauthorized to work, the employer is notified they could face civil and criminal penalties if they continue to employ that person.”

Also sounds reasonable. After all, it is illegal for employers to knowingly hire workers in the country illegally, and they are required by law to take some steps to verify heir employees are here legally.

If not, those employers must face the consequences.

In the end, the media spin is all of this “enforcement” is creating a drag on California’s economy. Not likely. The real oppressors here are not President Trump and ICE. The employers who exploit farm workers and construction workers who are here illegally are the ones being exploited.

Sending a few employers to jail for violating U.S. immigration law would send the right message to California. Stop exploiting immigrants so the elites can get richer.


One thought on “Putting a few employers in jail for violating U.S. immigration law would send the right message to California

  1. Agreed, By publicly shaming them and a nice public trial with SERIOUS FEDERAL TIME at hard labor, the other criminals that make America attractive for illegals will perk their ears up .. Americans should have those jobs !!. The ” employers” exploiting these folks would wise up. Next, hit the illegal alien job sites were cities let them hang out and people drive by to get a day laborer. Pretty soon, Jerry and Leon will see these exploited people disappearing and the schools emptying.


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