State Sen. Bob Hertzberg is still in office…why?

Screenshot 2018-02-26 at 09.08.04
Why aren’t this man’s sex crimes being punished?

Linda Halderman filed a sex crime complaint against State Sen. Bob Hertzberg. The complaint seems to be going nowhere.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that unlike other sex criminal legislators who have been given the boot by their colleagues, no one is pushing for Hertzberg’s removal.

More outrageous is the fact that “on Thursday, Hertzberg was in the Senate chambers with his colleagues preparing to vote on whether to expel Mendoza after investigation findings that Mendoza “more likely than not” engaged in unwanted sexual advances toward six women, including interns in his office.”

According to Halderman, “Hertzberg was making her uncomfortable with his incessant bear hugs. One day as he approached her in a Capitol hallway, she said, she told him not to touch her. She said he then pinned her arms at her side and thrust his groin into her.”

That’s creepy.

Hertzberg’s antics are well known by just about every capitol insider. Others have complained as well. Halderman has been the only one brave enough to take him on.

“He pinned my arms and thrust his groin into me,” she told the media, “You can’t call that hugging. That’s assault.”

Yup, pretty much.

The Senate investigation into Hertzberg’s behavior is completed. No one has seen the results. It remains unclear whether they will be made public.

Unlike Tony Mendoza and the others, the elites in California really like Hertzberg. So the move is on to protect him.

That’s a shame for his victims.


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