The people are coming for #DianeFeinstein

Screenshot 2018-02-26 at 08.41.12.pngEven the Los Angeles Times was forced to admit in print that “California Democrats overwhelmingly decided not to endorse Sen. Dianne Feinstein this weekend, an embarrassing rebuke of a party icon who has represented California in the Senate for a quarter-century.”

In huge numbers, the party convention delegates vote to NOT endorse her campaign.

The elites, in the media and out, are in a panic. Saving Feinstein has become their number one goal.

Just as disgruntled Republicans rallied behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, rank-and-file Democrats here are sick and tired of Feinstein and her elite cronies in California, and Washington D.C.

Feinstein’s trajectory at this point is heading to the Hall of Losers, joining the likes of Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

Just how bad was it for Feinstein at the convention? Her opponent Kevin de León of Los Angeles, came with in a few percentage points of winning the endorsement outright. It was an amazing feat that sent shock waves through the ranks of the party elites.

Bill Carrick, Feinstein’s political handler downplayed de León’s victory publicly. Behind the scenes however, Carrick and the rest of the Democratic Party elites are realizing that their gravy train in Washington is running off the rails.

The people are coming for Feinstein.


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