The #SupremeCourt may be about to deliver a crushing blow to California unions

Screenshot 2018-02-26 at 13.17.39.pngThe Los Angeles Times is trying to put a happy face on this story, but in the end, it looks bad for California labor.

Justices are close to ruling on a 5-4 count, that public employees cannot be compelled to pay union dues.

Union leaders know that most people will stop paying union dues given the choice. This will be a disaster for Democrats who rely heavily on compulsory union dues.

In the end, the plaintiffs can thank President Trump as newly appointed justice Neil M. Gorsuch will likely cast the tie-breaking vote. It’s hard to believe he would side with unions.

Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME sent an urgent message to his members today: Today in the United States Supreme Court, our freedom to negotiate better pay, benefits and job security as union members was under attack.

Saunders went on to say union members will hit the streets across the country this Saturday to demonstrate in what he called a Working People’s Day of Action.

The case of Janus v. AFSCME is about to be settled. Labor leaders, and their Democrat allies aren’t getting much sleep these days.


One thought on “The #SupremeCourt may be about to deliver a crushing blow to California unions

  1. The unions have no one to blame for this revolt but themselves.. Compulsory dues have no place in a free America. In fact. My wife got out of CTA 5 years ago by just paying an Agency tax. We found that 45% of the compulsory $97 monthly ” Fee’ went directly to the demorats favored far left candidates.. 45% should get people really ticked off that they are being used as an ATM machine by a party with members who want to emulate the EU socialism that has worked so well.
    in Wisconsin when teachers were given a choice of Union dues or keeping an extra $400 a year.. they choose freedom and dumped the Unions.. Two unions had to combine into one in order to survive. We can expect a huge drop in Union membership immediately after this decision. We may be on the cusp of ending massive Union money dumps those swing elections and getting some small semblance of democracy back into Kalys rigged elections..
    If you want more information. Contact the Washington State-based., National Right to work grp. They can send you the info to get out of forced dues and recover the political portion of your forced dues.


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