#Obamacare insurance premiums are going up 18 percent next year

Screenshot 2018-02-27 at 08.56.56.png

In another crushing blow to Californians, health insurance premiums are expected to go up 18 percent next year. That’s on top of the increases that have hammered Californians over the past several years.

Insurers are giddy. Poor and sick people are dropping out of the program. Only people with the ability to pay remain.

One million fewer Californians, who expected Obamacare to save them, will be enrolled in health plans in California in 2019.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Urban Institute analysis, which includes a national and state-by-state breakdown of projected changes to insurance premiums and enrollment, takes into account several major health policy changes enacted or announced since the beginning of 2017.



One thought on “#Obamacare insurance premiums are going up 18 percent next year

  1. Enjoy your Socialist medical care.. Compliments of Barry Soweto and your Kalyfornia demoRat Party.. They alone and no one else has created this disaster for your family.. Remeber that little bit of Info when you go to vote in November. Socialism ALWAYS fails.. 100% of the time.


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