The insurance industry has made our schools a safe zone for killers like #NikolasCruz

Insurance companies are going to try and block attempts to arm classroom teachers according to the Los Angeles Times.

Gun control activists are elated.

Screenshot 2018-02-27 at 08.18.21.png
Armed teacher, safe classroom.

Never mind that guns are common in Israeli classrooms, where teachers, most who have served in the Israeli Defense Force, routinely carry firearms to protect their students and themselves.

After the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre insurers across the country blocked the idea. Profits ahead of children’s safety.

Increased liability they howled. Many chose to not insure schools that allow teachers to be armed.

Enter Nikolas Cruz. The insurance industry made our schools a safe zone for killers like Cruz. Now 17 more are dead.

According to the Times, “Several school districts that had been toying with the idea dropped it after the warning. In Indiana, workers compensation insurers said they wouldn’t cover personnel who carried guns on to campuses. Oregon’s major liability insurance consortium said it would surcharge districts for every civilian employee they allowed to bring firearms to school, which discouraged the initiative.”


It should be obvious that insurance companies, allied with gun control activists, would rather see dead children rather than armed teachers in our schools.


One thought on “The insurance industry has made our schools a safe zone for killers like #NikolasCruz

  1. No it’s NOT the insurance industry..
    What Propaganda. It is Jerry Brown and his fellow comrades who advanced a bill last year to take the Superintendent of each school district power away to arm teachers at his or her discretion… Jerry signed it.. He’s the one responsible.. Not Insurance companies.. I don’t see any democrats running to fix this travesty.


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