#GeishaWilliams should not be getting a bonus, she should be on trial for murder

Screenshot 2018-02-28 at 08.56.44.pngPG&E Corp. CEO Geisha Williams could receive an annual bonus for 2018 worth up to $4.23 million in addition to her $1.085 million salary, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

That’s right, the CEO of the company that blew up San Bruno and burned down Napa is going to cash in.

Williams could also receive over the next three years long-term incentives worth up to $8 million, depending on how the company and its subsidiary, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., perform.

This is disgusting.

PG&E on Monday filed with federal regulators details of the 2018 pay packages for six of its top executives, including Williams. Last week, the company’s board approved both long-term and short-term incentive packages for each of the executives.

Amazingly, PG&E’s short- and long-term incentive programs are based on safety, including the effectiveness of the utility’s tree trimming near power lines and its gas pipeline inspections. Other elements are based on the company’s financial performance and stock-price appreciation.

Apparently burning people alive and blowing them up in their homes aren’t safety issues for regulators in California.

Geisha Williams should not be getting a bonus, she and the rest of the feckless PG&E management team should be on trial for murder.


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