#Microsoft protects criminal drug dealers by storing their emails outside the U.S.

Screenshot 2018-02-28 at 08.42.03.png

The story in the Los Angeles Times is amazing.

The Times says “Supreme Court justices sounded skeptical Tuesday about Microsoft’s refusal to turn over emails sought by U.S. law enforcement agents with a criminal search warrant but stored by the software giant in overseas servers.”

No kidding. What kind of company makes such a stupid claim?

In 2013, federal agents investigating criminal drug crimes went to court there and obtained a search warrant based on probable cause for “all emails” for a still-unidentified Microsoft customer.  Feckless Microsoft refused to turn over the contents of the emails, saying they were held in a data center in Dublin, Ireland.

So the drug dealers are off the hook…for now. Great Microsoft, thanks.

The Justice Department appealed to the Supreme Court.



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