Angry blowhard or mental case? Merced man busted for social media posts


Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 09.00.06.pngA Merced College student was arrested over the weekend for making unspecified threats on social media, according to the Merced Sun Star.

Freddy Matzuy, 34, of Merced surrendered to police without incident after a social media conversation open to veterans triggered calls to multiple police agencies.

According to media reports, Matzuy did not make specific threats, but did mention Merced College. He was arrested for making criminal threats and is held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

It’s rather Orwellian to think making a comment on social media could get you arrested. However in light of the recent mass shootings and the outrage against the FBI, the US Air Force, and local police in Florida, it’s a little difficult to find fault with this response.

If Matzuy is just an angry blowhard that’s one thing. If he’s mental case, then authorities should ensure he gets the help he needs…and more importantly keep him away from guns.


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