Idiot psycho gets drunk and high, then threatens school on YouTube

Screenshot 2018-03-02 at 09.22.20.png

According to the Merced Sun-Star, a 29-year-old Winton man with a lengthy arrest history landed behind bars in recent weeks after deputies said he threatened to open fire at a school.

Carlos Garcia Aguilar later apologized to investigators and said he was “very intoxicated” on alcohol and marijuana when he made the online video in which he “said stupid s— I didn’t mean,” according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.

He also told deputies he was communicating with people online who were “antagonizing and making fun of him,” officials said, which made him upset.

He did not have any guns in his possession when he was arrested. Aguilar remained in custody Thursday on $50,000 bail.

Aguilar has been arrested nearly a dozen times since May of last year, mostly involving misdemeanor public drunkenness, as well as allegations of obstructing public officials, trespassing and possession of a dagger.


One comment

  1. Aguilar has been arrested nearly a dozen times since May of last year……….

    First off.. Is he an illegal alien.
    if so.. He needs to be turned over to ICE.. If not… Then a few years in the slammer would be nice.. You cannot get arrested .. 12 times in less than a year and still be walking around in public…Thats absurd.. 12 arrests in 9 months… R U Kidding. !! He needs a TIME OUT in the county slammer for say… 3 years..


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