#GavinNewsom’s #Latino #votersuppression drive kicks into high-gear

Screenshot 2018-03-04 at 08.15.41.pngEveryone who has a clue about what’s going on in the governor’s race, knows’ that the late entry into California’s gubernatorial race by Amanda Renteria is the Newsom campaign’s desperate attempt to siphon votes away from Antonio Villaraigosa

So it comes as no surprise that the Los Angeles Times puts out a glowing puff-piece on Renteria as if she were a legitimate candidate for governor.

She entered the race too late to speak at the state party convention or to be on the ballot for the party’s endorsement.

However Villaraigosa’s post-convention bounce made it clear he was pulling ahead of Newsom. So the Democrat’s elite white leaders took action and Renteria’s campaign was born.



One thought on “#GavinNewsom’s #Latino #votersuppression drive kicks into high-gear

  1. No surprise as the Socialist / Anarchists do this ALL day long to Repubs.. It usually doesn’t work. Welcome to Mexifornia people.. Your going to have a Spanish Gov and a far left, Mexican nationalist Legislature with no links to America.. That was the plan all along….


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