California farmers beg Congress to keep illegal immigrants in the fields

Screenshot 2018-03-05 at 08.15.27.png
California farmers beg Congress to allow them to continue to exploit Mexican immigrants.

California farmers are worried they might run out of illegal immigrants to exploit. According to the Sacramento Bee, a panicked delegation from the California Farm Bureau Federation delegation hurried to Washington, D.C. for meetings with Republicans on capitol hill.

Feigning to be there to help the “Dreamers”, the pitch was noting more than a plea to allow farmers to continue to exploit mostly Mexican, mostly undocumented immigrants.

The state’s farm lobby objects to just about anything short of completely open borders.

Farmers don’t want a ny controls on work visas. They do not want the online e-verify system, and they don’t want ICE to deport people who are here illegally.

All of these issues cut into their bottom line.


One thought on “California farmers beg Congress to keep illegal immigrants in the fields

  1. Thre are now machines available that can pick crops. A guest worker program with micro-chipping these workers, so they don’t come and then flee to other places could be worked out. They come in with a grp under strict supervision and then leave. It won’t happen. The Farmers want full-blown open borders with some form of amnesty. No country in the world, opens it borders to no skilled illegals and then gives then voting rights, free goodies, free health care etc ALL paid for by the shrinking middle class, My guess is that most of the farmers are democrats anyway and this is just another assault in another form by Kalys far left demoRats to get these people legal and then full blown citizenship with voting rights. NO !!!!!!!


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