Sex crimes force legislators to deal with new transparency legislation

Screenshot 2018-03-05 at 08.05.01.png

The California Legislature may be forced to expand the open records law governing itself due to the wave of sex crimes that have washined over the capitol in recent months.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that “Assembly Bill 2032, introduced last month by the Assembly Judiciary Committee, would require the Legislature to release the results of harassment and discrimination investigations into lawmakers or high-level employees when the complaint is determined to be well-founded or discipline is imposed.”

Typically legislators have exempted themselves from the public records act that everyone else in California must comply with.

For totally self serving purposes, the Legislature has routinely shielded personnel records, while other agencies are required to disclose complaints against top officials and disciplinary action that they take against employees.

It would be nice if this bill actually passed and was signed by the Governor. We’re not holding our breath.



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