California judge creates new vote counting headache

Screenshot 2018-03-07 at 08.03.47.pngA California judge has ruled the process by which state elections officials refuse to count an absentee ballot because of mismatched voter signatures is unconstitutional.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Sonoma County voter whose November 2016 ballot was rejected when elections officials decided the man’s signature that was in their records system didn’t match the one on the back of the vote-by-mail envelope.

The voter, Peter La Follette, went to court and won.

The judge said, “the statute fails to provide for notice that a voter is being disenfranchised and/or an opportunity for the voter to be heard…these are fundamental rights.”

Ooops. The state’s 58 county registrars must be having nightmares about this year’s upcoming elections.

So far, Secretary of State Alex Padilla has been speechless.

During the last election, upwards of 45,000 ballots were not counted statewide because of the latitude state law currently gives the counties. It’s a shortcut to voter fraud in many places.


One thought on “California judge creates new vote counting headache

  1. Another way Kaly rigs voting folks. They are taking away one of the the few means available of stopping voter fraud which is running wild in Kaly. Now if the signature doesn’t match the one on the other rolls, they are going to count it anyway.. How about showing ID and cut down te number of people using absentee ballots.. Thats were the massive voter fraud is coming from.


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