California put #Latinos in prison simply because they demanded their rights

Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 09.26.17.png

When thousands of Mexican American students marched to demand a better education, California authorities wanted to put their leaders in prison…for a long, long time.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 13 men were secretly indicted by a grand jury on June 1, 1968, on conspiracy charges stemming from what was called the “East L.A. blowouts.”

Students were protesting because the elites in Los Angeles sent them to sub-standard barrio schools. What did rich white people care about Latino kids, right.

When the students walked-out of class, white people freaked out and sent in the police immediately.

The white elites used the demonstrations to round up Latino leaders and put them on trial. For exercising their 1st Amendment rights the defendants faced 66 years in prison.


Not much has changed in California.


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