Brutal East Bay police chief may have helped sex criminal

Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 08.10.48.png

The Mercury News reports that in an explosive federal lawsuit two Kensington residents have alleged years of abuse by police in this affluent, unincorporated town, including a charge that the current police chief once asked for a child abuse complaint to be dropped “as a personal favor” and then placed a gun on a table and told the father, “this can end one of two ways.”

The father who had made the child abuse claim naturally thought Chief Ricky Hull would kill him if he didn’t drop the charges.

Kensington has become a police state hell.

You may recall that Kensington and its police department have been largely in turmoil for the past three years since the Mercury News reported that then Detective Sgt. Keith Barrow’s gun, badge and ammunition were stolen by a Reno prostitute after a sexual encounter in a hotel room in 2014.

Other Kensington residents and former board members have also claimed local police harassed  them in retaliation for criticizing the department and questioning police pay and benefits.

Kensington, where the Police State and the White Power movement come together.



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