Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office continues to abuse immigrants

Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 07.51.14.png
Contra Costa Sheriff David O. Livingston.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office has accused an immigration rights group of passing along contraband to inmates. This, from one of the most racist law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area.

The group, known as Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), says the sheriff’s office is making all of this up because CIVIC outed the sheriff’s department for abusing detainees.

The sheriff’s department claims that CIVIC member did some pretty heinous stuff, like passing along messages to detainees families and friends, giving detainees their phone number, depositing money into detainees bank accounts, and receiving phone calls from detainees.

Maybe the the Contra Costa Sheriff should look up the word contraband? Actually understanding the law might help deputies enforce the law.

In the end, the sheriff’s office really couldn’t identify any real contraband.

The reality is that the Richmond jail has become hell for detainees. It’s every bit the kind of jail the California Police State loves: abusive, hateful and staffed by bigots. All of this has been well documented here at and by other Bay Area news organizations.

It would be nice if California Attorney General Xavier Becerra would investigate this awful situation and enforced the law, rather than suck up to law enforcement. It would be nice of so called civil rights leaders like Senator Holly Mitchell would do the same.

The poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, and people of color could really use their help. In Richmond especially.


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