#LATimes pundit wants to put out the welcome mat for killers

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate came to America illegally and murdered Kate Steinle in cold blood. Luis Bracamontes came to America illegally, and murdered a Sacramento deputy in cold blood.

Who in their right mind would oppose a plan to keep these kinds of people out of our country?

Tisha M. Rajendra would.

Ms. Rajendra’s opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times takes President Trump to task for cleaning up the mess that is supposed to be our immigration system.

Her’s is a pathetic, even comical argument.

There is a darker, more sinister side to arguments like this. Ms. Rajendra, an elite university professor, hates President Trump and everyone who voted for him. Her hate has spawned a narrative that advocates for policies that put every decent person’s life at risk. In her mind, killers like Zarate and Bracamontes are victims, not villains.


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