L.A.’s phony effort to house the homeless

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The Los Angeles Times is reporting that city officials who have vowed to build thousands of units of homeless housing with supportive services and pushed for a new law that would make it easier for them to get approved have actually blocked many of those projects.

Before a proposed building can get funding from the housing department through Proposition HHH, the $1.2-billion bond passed by voters, it must have a “letter of acknowledgment” from the local council member. And if a council member simply withholds that letter, a project can be stopped in its tracks.

In February, the housing department said it was turning down funding for two proposed projects that lacked the required letter. One of them, proposed for Florence Avenue in South Los Angeles, was “theoretically viable” aside from the missing document, according to a staff report.

Gary Blasi, professor emeritus at UCLA School of Law, called the requirement “outrageous.”

“It’s just purely political,” Blasi said.



One thought on “L.A.’s phony effort to house the homeless

  1. Building more government-funded SLUMS isn’t the answer. How freakin stupid can you get?. Just keep ringing the dinner bell and you’ll Calcutta and Venezuela in a matter of a few years.


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