#NationalWalkoutDay turns violent in California

NBC NEWS reports that National Walkout Day to protest the Second Amendment turned violent in California.

Students ran wild in the streets. The police were forced to respond to restore order.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 14.48.51

Students trashed cars with rocks, including police cars.

Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 14.49.21.png

Click here for video: California students turn violent during anti-gun rally


2 thoughts on “#NationalWalkoutDay turns violent in California

  1. This is surprising?? Given the fact that the schools now indoctrinate the little tikes with ANARCHY AND hard left; politics, it’s no wonder they are now nothing but feral humans with zero parental control..
    Given this report, you had better hang on to your firearms.


  2. Since the little tikes are now indoctrinated into hard left politics of destruction, anarchy and violence.. This is not surprising.. You’d better hang on to your firearms.. You may well need them to defend yourself from teen feral humans !!


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