Survey: We’re not all that impressed with #SiliconValley

Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 07.41.21.png

Self-loving tech company executives certainly see themselves differently than everyone else.

The rest of us have concerns about social media being misused for nefarious purposes, lawsuits about gender discrimination and sexual harassment at technology companies, among other things.

The Mercury News reports that a new survey validates our concerns.

Only a mere five percent of Americans think Big Technology is powerful and influential.


One thought on “Survey: We’re not all that impressed with #SiliconValley

  1. and they should be viewed with great suspicion. They are trying t6o skirt all kinds of laws by thinking they are hot stuff. If you turn off, FakeBook, Twitter and the other scams they run for advertising revenue, they are nobodies. Lots of their little inventions just cause chaos and make people snipe at each other on the socials platforms..


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