Lying #FBI agent fired

Screenshot 2018-03-17 at 07.57.49.png
Andrew McCabe

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has booted former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe lied to Congress about the bureau’s work on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The lying crybaby McCabe immediately disputed the findings in his own statement, saying the firing was part of a Trump administration “war” on the FBI.

Yeah, right.

McCabe’s squealing is evidence enough to us that he put his partisan politics ahead of his role as a law enforcement officer, just like his predecessor James Comey who was also fired for helping Clinton.



One thought on “Lying #FBI agent fired

  1. It’s a good start… BUT.. This needs to be followed up with criminal prosecution and jail time. What this jerk did was bordering on treason. He and his fellow Hilary sycophants covered up her many federal felonies, exonerated her before the investigation was even started, let her and her aides destroy hard drives and laptops. used FICA Warrants to spy on Hilary’s political enemy and opponent President Trump., and then.. this despicable man and his crooked boss Comey, then tried to FRAME.. and I use the word frame again.. an incoming President and his campaign staff. Firing should just be the start.


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