#GavinNewsom’s campaign panics, claims #Villaraigosa secretly hates #Latinos

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Antonio Villaraigosa has staked his candidacy for governor on his roots, telling voters he “grew up in a home rich in love, but limited in opportunity” while positioning himself as a voice for low-income families and people of color left behind in California’s economic recovery.

His white elite opponents hate and fear this since there are a lot of Latinos in California and they’re going to be lining up to vote soon.

So they came up with a crazy story that claims Villaraigosa actually has exploited immigrants in an elaborate scheme to get campaign donations to run for governor.

They say Villaraigosa actually helps their white elite friends take advantage immigrants. It’s confusing, for sure. More importantly it’s a sign of desperation by the floundering Gavin Newsom campaign.

The facts speak for themselves. Over the course of his political career, Villaraigosa has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and donations from Herbalife,the L.A.-based multilevel-marketing nutritional supplements company, where he once served as a senior advisor. Payday lenders are among his other contributors.

A panicked Newsom campaign would have you believe there is something nefarious about doing business with Herbalife and payday lenders.

It’s important to note that while Newsom’s rich friends are gorging themselves on nutrition supplements and vegan food, Latinos who support Villaraigosa scrape by every day just to get enough to eat.

Likewise it’s important to note that while Newsom’s rich friends vacation around the world using reward points from bank credit cards, Latinos line up at payday loan stores because the rich white elites who own the banks refuse to do business with people of color.

This could be a turning point in the campaign.



One thought on “#GavinNewsom’s campaign panics, claims #Villaraigosa secretly hates #Latinos

  1. Just wait until ALL those voter forms that Jerry’s DMV / Sec of State are handing out to ALL drivers including the 840,000 illegal aliens who now will vote for Tony the Jackel.. Thats another 840,000 illegal votes that they setup and it’s backfiring on Gavin. Welcome to Mexifornia.


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