The #elitemedia wonders if #VladimirPutin can keep #Congress in the #GOP’s hands

Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 06.48.20
Vladimir Putin, owner of the U.S. election process.

Facebook was totally tooled by Russia if you believe the elite media.

The narrative goes like this: Russia never would have been able to conduct “information warfare” against the United States in the way it did in the 2016 presidential election without Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Oh yes, and candidate Donald Trump pulled all the strings behind the scenes.

This raises “disturbing questions about the roles of both Facebook and Russia” according to the conspiracy theorists.

Clueless Facebook clearly denies everything. They probably aren’t lying. They sell ads. In a free society where businesses operates under the protection the First Amendment that’s a good thing. (Too bad Facebook doesn’t think as much about the rest of the Bill of Rights.)

In the elite media’s false narrative, which exists to resurrect the failed campaign of Hillary Clinton, Facebook and the other social media platforms were negligent, reckless or tools of a diabolical Donald Trump/ Vladimir Putin axis of evil.

Espionage by foreign agents is suddenly everywhere in our society the elites scream at us…never mind that the U.S. has been conducting similar “information warfare” campaigns around the globe for decades.

In the new paradigm, the Russians will be coming after us in the 2018 mid-term elections.  So if the GOP keeps the House and the Senate it will be because Vladimir Putin saved them.


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