Republicans fumble away #ShastaDam enlargement

Screenshot 2018-03-20 at 07.43.20.png

Congressional Democrats have blocked a measure to expand Shasta Dam. Yet they want to pick up seats in the Central Valley…where most of the water is used.


Republican wanted to go ahead with the $1.3 billion, however Democrats basically insisted that the state manage the project.

Democrats insisted on language in the House spending bill that would ensure the federal Bureau of Reclamation follows all state and federal laws when it comes to the dam. State law currently bars the dam from being enlarged.


Increasing the height of the dam, would increase storage in Shasta Lake by 634,000 acre-feet, or 14 percent according to the Sacramento Bee.

Governor Brown has said he would not provide funding for the project and he opposes raising the height of the dam.


One thought on “Republicans fumble away #ShastaDam enlargement

  1. Hey Jerry,.. You have a 7 BILLION $$$ WATER BOND passed by the voters several years ago… Why not use that cash Jerry that was approved to EXPAND water storage instead of spending 20 BILLION a year on your favorite illegal alien voting block.


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