Sacramento police execute unarmed African-American man in front of his family

Screenshot 2018-03-20 at 08.04.57.png

Sacramento police executed an African-American man in his own South Sacramento backyard after responding to a call of a person breaking car windows nearby.

Naturally, Stephon Clark who is African-American, was resumed to have a gun. It’s how the brutal white racist Sacramento Police Department rolls.

The Sacramento Bee reported that no firearm was found at the scene. Police said instead Clark had a “toolbar,” that he “extended in front of him” while advancing towards two officers.

Yeah, right. As if we would even consider believing anything the thugs in the Sacramento Police Department said.

According to the Bee, police officers could not immediately clarify what a “toolbar” was.  The only item found near Clark’s body was a cell phone.

We can provide some clarification…the “toolbar” was a phony excuse to murder an African-American man in cold blood.

We’re still waiting for our elected officials to stand up and defend the community from such hideous brutality.



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