#Schwarzenegger wants to bring a kindler, gentler #GOP #racism to California

Screenshot 2018-03-21 at 08.39.38.pngSince Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger turned his back on the people who sent him to Sacramento to “blow up the boxes” Democrats have monopolized California government.

Now that Democrats no longer need this useful idiot, Schwarzenegger wants to return to the Republican party.

Having been booted out of the house by his wife for cheating on her, and getting run-over by President Trump, Schwarzenegger he has few places left to go.

Schwarzenegger wants the California Republican Party to be more like the Democrats. Subtle racism and pandering to hopeless minorities has worked for California Democrats for decades and it’s made them the dominant political power in the state.

The numbers don’t lie. According to the Associated Press, Latinos, African-Americans and Asians have outnumbered whites since 1998. Latinos surpassed whites as the state’s largest racial or ethnic group in 2014.

It’s therefore logical to Schwarzenegger, to lead his party in the direction taken by the Democrats.

More bad news for the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, and people of color.


One comment

  1. It’s therefore logical to Schwarzenegger, to lead his party in the direction taken by the Democrats.

    OK.. First, it ain’t his Party.. He’ NOT even a RINO.. He’s a leftist demoRat of the worst kind.A Cameleon !! Turncoat !!. He’s more like a fellow traveler from the old days.
    2nd.. If I wanted to vote for a Socialist, I’d vote for one of those lousy jerks with a ” D” in front of their names.
    I am offended that this creep thinks I’m going to follow his advice and lead and advice and start voting for a demoRats-LITE Repub. The Congress is full of them and we call them .. Never-Trumpers. If he does start to get demo-lite candidates running.., then there really isn’t any reason to vote in Kaly an I’m almost there anyway. Go back and screw the housemaid Arnie some more. That worked really really really well for you..


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