#Schwarzenegger wants the #CaGOP to be just like #Democrats

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 08.16.31.pngFormer Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former presidential candidate — and current Ohio governor — John Kasich were keynote speakers at a New Way California event in Los Angeles recently.

Schwarzenegger and the event’s organizers say Republicans need to change a divisive approach that has alienated key voting blocs, such as Latinos — the state’s largest ethnic demographic. Without mentioning Trump by name, New Way founder and state Assemblyman Chad Mayes criticized his rhetoric.

The speakers were light on policy prescriptions according to Capitol Public Radio, but generally argued Republicans must compromise with Democrats, rather than act as an opposition party.

Whether current Republicans will go for that is an open question. Mayes tried compromising with Gov. Jerry Brown on cap-and-trade legislation last year, and he lost his post as Republican leader.



One thought on “#Schwarzenegger wants the #CaGOP to be just like #Democrats

  1. Arnie, Weeping John and sell out Chad ( looking forward to him getting the boot by voters ) ARE demoRats folks.. Why would I vote for anyone that spews blather about being DemoRat -Lite ?? Why do I have to compromise MY values to get a person in office who would agree with dem’s 90% of the time? Why aren’t Arnie and Weeping John demanding the demoRats give up their toleration corruption and enslavement of blks and Spanish people to the god of government and instead, demand freedom and economic prosperity.. Thats because one of these losers will try to run for President to suck votes off from President Trump… I’m not voting for any DemoRat lite candidates people… period.. Chad is a despicable turncoat who just made poor people poorer and continues the demoRat agenda of using the shrinking middle class as an ATM machine to transfer wealth from the middle class to illegal aliens and poor voters to the demise of the middle class. Just boycott any election these poltroons try to run it. Stick to your values. In the near future, the corruption of jerry’s failing socialism will bring down the entire corrupt state.


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