Clueless #FBI director denies the bureau tried to rig the election

Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 07.42.04.pngIn an Orwellian interview, FBI chief Chris Wray told NBC News that the bureau has over 3,000 open terror investigations, a higher number than previously disclosed.

More bizarre, Wray claims that in his nearly eight months as director of the FBI, he has not seen “a politicized organization.”


Wray pushed back at criticism from some in the Trump administration and Congress who accuse his agency of favoring Hillary Clinton at the expense of the president.

In the interview, Wray also surveyed some of the biggest threats facing America. Countering terrorism remains a top mission, and Wray said the FBI now has more than 3,000 open investigations nationwide.

The Chinese government and Chinese companies aggressively go after a range of U.S. targets, from firms in the Fortune 500 to small start-ups, he said, seeking trade secrets as varied as the details of control systems for wind turbines in Massachusetts to the genetic makeup of corn seeds in Iowa.

Asian-Americans groups blasted the FBI director for telling Congress in February that Chinese businessmen, students and scholars present such a threat that it demands a “whole of society” response by the U.S.

Wray defended those remarks. Right, China, not the Islamics, are our biggest threat.


One thought on “Clueless #FBI director denies the bureau tried to rig the election

  1. This person is living in denial.. and it ain’t a river in Egypt… He needs a 12 step program to fess up to his crooked agency for exonerating a criminal with numerous felonies on top secret doc’s and the cover-up and FAILED attempt to FRAME an Att Gen and Incoming President. All his top managers have quit or been fired and many more re coming. Including probably a very public trial for McCabe, whom he personally fired.. The deep state is fighting and getting scared !! MAGA !!!


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