#Racist #Sacramento rallies around killer cops

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has not criticized the cops who executed Stephon Clark.

The Police State execution of Stephon Clark by the notoriously racist Sacramento Police Department has intensified long-simmering tensions between Sacramento’s African-American community and city leaders who insist on defending the police.

The Los Angeles Times correctly reports that Mr. Clark’s brutal execution, captured on video, was the latest of several controversial police shootings of African-American men in Sacramento in the last few years.

Informed observers know the hideous death of Mr. Clark’s  is further proof that Sacramento police officers are targeting African-American men. Furthermore, no one really believes the officers will be held accountable for the cold blooded killing of an unarmed man.

Protests continued into the weekend as about 100 people marched to the state Capitol, holding signs and photos of the 22-year-old Clark. Later, a large crowd blocked streets downtown, breaking at least one car window and clashing with police.

The city was led for years by a black mayor, former NBA star Kevin Johnson. Sacramento’s white elites despised Mayor Johnson and worked tirelessly to discredit his administration.

Police Chief Daniel Hahn, who started his job in August, is African American. Things have changed little since Hahn has taken over the department.

Run more like a southern plantation than a city, Sacramento elites prefer white cops on the street, even though Sacramento is only 35% white but is policed by a department that is 74% white.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has not faulted the officers involved in Clark’s execution. He did express concern about demonstrators resorting to vandalism or violence though.


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