There’s no talk in #Sacramento about a #sanctuarycity for #AfricanAmerican men

Screenshot 2018-03-25 at 06.34.21.png

The Sacramento Bee reports that rotesters raged at police from noon to midnight Friday in marches downtown and in Meadowview, where the brutal police execution of Stephon Clark occurred.

They confronted individual officers, screaming obscenities inches from their faces, which were shielded by riot gear. At one point in the afternoon, several protesters singled out an African-American CHP officer, suggesting in a minutes-long tirade that he was a traitor to his people.

After another black man, Joseph Mann, was shot by Sacramento police in the summer of 2016, the city faced upheaval similar to what the Clark shooting has brought.

So far the Mayor, and the City Council and the police chief have done nothing to stop the killings. Legislators in the nearby state capitol remain silent.

There’s no talk about a sanctuary city or a sanctuary state for African-American men.


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