California’s #white #elitemedia struggles to save #DianeFeinstein

According to the LA Times’ George Skelton, the best way to judge a job applicant is to look at his past work record. So let’s look at state Sen. Kevin de León’s.

The Los Angeles Democrat is challenging U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the grande dame of his party, trying to grab the coveted seat she has held for 26 years.

De León’s job performance as a legislator, including the last three-plus years as leader of the California Senate, indicates he’d be an energetic, in-your-face, ultimately effective U.S. senator — and much more liberal than Feinstein.

That has Skelton and his white elite pals at the Times worried. The idea that a Latino might become a U.S. Senator is unimaginable to them.




One thought on “California’s #white #elitemedia struggles to save #DianeFeinstein

  1. Mr. Leon is a radical democrat Mexican nationalist who would be better fitted to run for El Presidente in Mexico.
    He’s not a liberal.. We can do better than him for Senator. He’s termed out and he’s desperate to join his fellow comrade .. Cammie Harris, as his cushy, fat career as a political hack is over !!!


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