Sacramento cop accused of committing sex crimes

Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 07.24.51.pngA tsunami of police brutality continues to wash over Sacramento.

The Sacramento Bee reports that as marchers were taking over downtown Sacramento’s streets with protests against the shooting death of Stephon Clark, the Sacramento Police Department was facing another challenge: the filing of a new federal lawsuit accusing one of its officers of sexually molesting an African American woman two years ago during an arrest.

The lawsuit accuses Officer Patrick Mulligan of groping an African American woman during an arrest. Naturally Mulligan says he did nothing wrong.

The lawsuit comes as the department is the subject of national scrutiny over the brutal police state execution of Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old unarmed Sacramento man whose only crime seems to be that he was born an African-American.

A second report from the Bee on the execution of Mr. Clark outlines the strategy the police department is going to use to exonerate the officers who brutally gunned him down. The power of the police state is immense.



One thought on “Sacramento cop accused of committing sex crimes

  1. Thats a FAKE LAWSUIT that the police face every time they arrest someone. They get charged by outraged criminals who are ticked off at being caught… A big nothing Burger folks .. yawn !!


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