Legislators and the #EliteMedia hate and fear #DaleFountain as much as #SinglePayer

Screenshot 2018-03-27 at 08.03.58.png
Dale Fountain

Dale Fountain is an intensely private man. That’s why the elite media hates and mocks him. Making matters worse, he’s one of the single payer healthcare movements most effective advocates.

He won’t say where he works. One of his oldest friends can’t say for sure where he lives. His sister knows he was once married, but she isn’t in the loop these days — they haven’t spoken in two years.

“He keeps to himself,” said Chris Pulliam, who went to high school with Fountain in Los Angeles and now lives in Silver Spring, Md. “I’ve just got into the habit of not asking about things.”

Yet according to the Los Angeles Times, the elusive 42-year-old Silicon Valley tech worker has inserted himself into the forefront of California’s hottest healthcare debate: whether it should adopt a statewide single-payer healthcare system.

His Facebook group, Enact Universal Healthcare for California, has more than 106,000 followers — just one sign of the issue’s general appeal to many voters.

Fountain is the unlikely leader of a campaign to place an initiative on the state’s November ballot that would make it easier to fund a single-payer system — one in which the state would set the rules and pay the medical claims for all California residents.

No lawmaker has publicly stepped forward to lead the cause. That tells us Mr. Fountain is probably on to something.


2 thoughts on “Legislators and the #EliteMedia hate and fear #DaleFountain as much as #SinglePayer

    1. they can’t afford it. All we have to do is pay more taxes. And I for one am very willing to do that for the value that I would receive will far outweigh what I have paid in additional taxes. This is a no-brainer. If you want more government services in place of inflated private ones then you have to pay more taxes.


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