Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia says she’s sorry for calling John Pérez a “homo”

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Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia said she’s sorry she called then-Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez a “homo” according to the Los Angeles Times.

The incident happened five years ago.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 at 07.36.23
Former Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez.

“I did make that remark in a moment of anger. I have no reason to lie about something that is true,” Garcia said in a statement.

“However, in no way was my use of that term meant to belittle Mr. Perez for his sexuality,” she said. “I have a long and chronicled history of being a straight ally of the LGBTQ community.”

Yeah, right. She likes the LGBTQ community sooooo much she calls one of their preeminent members a “homo”, got it.

You may remember Ms. Garcia from our previous reports about her antics. She is currently being investigated for accusations of making unwanted sexual advances toward two men.

She hasn’t owned any of that yet.


One thought on “Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia says she’s sorry for calling John Pérez a “homo”

  1. folks.. this crazy is the face of the Dem Party nowadays, along with San Fran Nan…. This isn’t an isolated incident. Pick up ANY paper or visit news website and you will read story after story of crazies like this, attacking Trump supporters, attacking the Police in Oakland, sexually groping man and women.. And this is the party that is running Kaly into the grd..
    She’s still there after all the sex crimes she did to men !!.. It’s a sick twisted party that is running a criminal operation through the klintoon criminal crime family..


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