#Sacramento’s #racism in the headlines again

African-Americans living in Sacramento are angry. They’re tired of being ruthlessly gunned-down by one of the most racist police departments in American.

Who can blame them.

The Sacramento Bee reports that hundreds of protesters headed toward Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento and blocked its entrance last night for the second time in a week, preventing Kings fans from attending an NBA game as the protesters called for action in the police shooting of Stephon Clark.

A few blocks away, a Sacramento City Council meeting intended to address the shooting and others like it quickly devolved into chaos, with council members leaving the dais, police officers entering the City Hall chambers and some protesters and pastors calling for the overflow crowd to show restraint.

Screenshot 2018-03-28 at 06.54.11.png
Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg continues to side with the police.

Members of the public testified for several hours, lamenting what they called endemic racism among police and a lack of meaningful action by public officials in Sacramento for decades.

“This city is killing us. And we demand economic equity and justice,” shouted Malaki Seku-Amen, founder of the California Urban Partnership.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg adjourned the meeting about 8:25 p.m., hours early, he was obviously concerned about his safety.

Steinberg’s made a conscious choice to side with the police and defend their ongoing assault on the African-American community in Sacramento.


At Golden 1 Center, the Sacramento Kings were scheduled to tip off against the Dallas Mavericks at 7 p.m. The Kings estimated 4,000 were in attendance in an arena that holds 17,600. Thousands more were stranded outside.

Screenshot 2018-03-23 at 07.35.55
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is just as big a police state tool as Steinberg.

Meanwhile, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Tuesday his office would provide independent oversight of the investigation into the death of Stephon Clark.

That’s a joke. Becerra is just as big a police state tool as Steinberg.

Becerra told the Sacramento Bee his office would make sure the investigation would be “based on the facts and the law – nothing less, nothing more.” He said the Justice Department will provide “some independent eyes….We’re not taking over the investigation.”

Then he’ll let the killer-cops walk free.

Sacramento’s African-American community isn’t impressed.

“There’s been federal investigations before of police killings, there’s been state investigations before of police killings,” Tanya Faison of Sacramento’s Black Lives Matter told the Bee. “I don’t believe the government can govern itself.”

In this case she’s right.



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