#White #elite #OrangeCounty recoils at the thought of helping the #homeless

Screenshot 2018-03-28 at 07.55.17.png
Rich white people go berserk in Orange County.

The Orange County Register reports that Orange County supervisors rescinded their recent plan that would have created emergency homeless shelters in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel to house up to 400 people.

The rich white people who live in these communities decided that was a bad idea.

They’re likely to replace it within weeks with a second proposal to shelter the homeless in yet-to-be-selected local cities….that’s probably not populated by a lot of rich white people.

The board’s unanimous vote, which undid its March 19 approval of a three-city homeless shelter plan, came at the most crowded supervisorial meeting in recent memory.

In attendance were a dozen leaders of those cities and hundreds of jeering residents, including a coordinated legion from Irvine that chartered as many as 20 buses to come voice their united opposition to the project.

Hundreds more anti-shelter protesters rallied outside the meeting, chanting, “No tent city!” In all, police estimated nearly 2,000 people were on the scene.


One thought on “#White #elite #OrangeCounty recoils at the thought of helping the #homeless

  1. 20 buses.. really.. What a Nice STAGED protest… Anytime you have people being bused into a meeting to protest in a Repub district it’s a… FAKE STAGED BUSED IN PROTEST.. The simple answer is.. where is the money coming from to house these bums in taxpayer created ghetto’s.. Maybe the financer behind the staged, bused in protest, could spend all that money to help the homeless instead of just creating chaos…


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