White #racist Sacramento continues to reel from #StephonClark’s execution

White racist Sacramento continues to reel from the Police State execution of Stephon Clark. Meanwhile city leaders scheme to get the city’s African-American community under control and figure out how to let their two latest killer cops off the hook.

According to the Sacramento Bee, protesters continues to block downtown Sacramento streets, taunting the police and angry drivers. They did give the Kings a break and bypassed Golden 1 Center.

Screenshot 2018-03-30 at 06.53.55
Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has been one of the protester’s favorite targets. Sacramento’s African-American residents, and those who support the rule of law, expect Schubert to prosecute the officers who murdered Clark. Of course she won’t. She’ll find a way to let the killer cops off the hook. D.A.’s in California always do, they are merely tools of the police unions.

Interestingly, Stevante Clark told protesters to support Mayor Darrell Steinberg – a 180-degree change from Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, when he got in the mayor’s face and directed an expletive at him –  according to the Bee.

It’s pretty clear someone got to Mr. Clark and conveyed to him that the eyes, and the power, of the Police State were focused on him. White racist Sacramento has little patience for African-Americans who demand the rights and privileges of the U.S. Constitution.



One thought on “White #racist Sacramento continues to reel from #StephonClark’s execution

  1. The DemoRats are reaping what Barry Obama has sown. The Dem’s have been using the Blacks for votes and street shock troops in exchange for welfare for decades,.. Their lives have not improved one iota since the 60’s.. yet, they vote in lockstep to be kept on the demoRat plantation… This is the party that ran the KKK, they were the plantation slaveowners They invented the Jim Crow Laws, separate, but equal bathrooms and refused civil and voting rights for them. . However. now they have lost control of them and it is just payback for the mayhem that Soweto and Soros have been planting in this community for years.. It is just plain old fun watching the Dem’s be called out for what they have always been and continue to be.. Flamin antebellum racists !!!..


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