Driving while brown is now a crime in #California

Screenshot 2018-03-31 at 06.43.57.png
The Police State targets Latinos everywhere.

The Police State has declared driving while brown a crime in California.

ICE agents are pulling over Mexican-Americans in the Central Valley for no apparent reason other than the driver’s ethnicity.

It’s as if the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was suddenly erased.

Drivers and their passengers are taken into custody and detained for hours until they can prove they are citizens. Local police in many cases are assisting ICE in the extra-constitutional arrests.

So far California’s sanctuary policies have done nothing to help California’s Latinos. For the most part, the white elites who championed the policies have done little if anything to guarantee enforcement of the laws.


One thought on “Driving while brown is now a crime in #California

  1. If your looking for an Italian mobster… You look for Italians.. If you want to find the largest population of illegal aliens in Kaly.., You look for Mexicans.. It’s called… Good Police work to make us all safer… The article should state how many they found while conducting these operations. Note that Jerry and his crooked Att Gen haven’t arrested anyone yet for defying his illegal sanctuary laws.. AND.. the local police are helping ICE as they should do..


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