Homeless fiasco in L.A. continues

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The homeless situation in Los Angeles continues to get worse and worse. Meanwhile clueless and heartless city leaders continue to flail away at the problem.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that after a county auditor’s critical review of the fiscal management of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas called for an evaluation of whether the agency is capable of managing the large influx of funds generated by Measure H.

The fiscal review, conducted by the county’s auditor-controller, found that the authority’s finance operation is understaffed, lacks management oversight and pays its bills too slowly, among other faults.

The homeless authority, which was formed in the 1990s to manage homelessness programs for the city and county, currently administers about $100 million in funds.

It is designated as the lead agency for eight of the 21 county homeless strategies funded by Measure H, the quarter-cent sales tax approved by voters last year that is expected to raise about $355 million annually.



One thought on “Homeless fiasco in L.A. continues

  1. It’s not a homeless problem anymore.. It’s a sign of a collapsing city that looks like Bangladesh
    and Calcutta. I’ve seen better conditions in the Philippines than LA.. Where ever the democrat rule, poverty and corruption are sure to follow… This is the plan they have for the rest of America..


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