#Islamic who shot-up #YouTube was a #PETA psycho

Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 06.16.57.png

The Islamic woman who shot three people at YouTube’s headquarters was prolific at producing videos and posting them online, many of them bizarre.

In the videos, Nasim Aghdam exercises, promotes animal rights and explains the vegan diet, often in elaborate costumes or carrying a rabbit.

According to the Associated Press, the videos have become central to the motive authorities have settled on for the shooting: Aghdam’s anger with the policies of YouTube — the world’s biggest online video website.

She was clearly a nut-case.

Nasim Aghdam, who was in her late 30s, posted the videos under the online name Nasime Sabz, and a website in that name decried YouTube’s policies, saying the company was trying to “suppress” content creators.

People who post on YouTube can receive money from advertisements that accompany their videos, but the company “de-monetizes” some channels for reasons including inappropriate material or having fewer than 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube had no comment about any actions related to Aghdam’s videos.

Nasim Aghdam also ran a Farsi-language public channel on the messaging app Telegram, which had 6,000 followers. Telegram reportedly has some 40 million users in Iran. In one post she says, “Internet crackdown and filtering is increasing in the West.”


One thought on “#Islamic who shot-up #YouTube was a #PETA psycho

  1. just look at this crazies face.. In every pix of her, you see that she is just one pissed off chick and the picture above says.. DANGER all over it.. One less Kaly Crazy in the world.. !!


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