Islamic shooter legally purchased her pistol in a San Diego gun shop

Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 06.34.59
Nasim Aghdam

Media reports are running rampant that the psycho Islamic shooter Nasim Aghdam legally purchased the pistol she used to brutally gun-down three YouTube employees in a San Diego gun shop.

The key word is “legally.”

Police won’t say where Aghdam, bought the 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun but reports indicate she did everything according to California’s strict laws.

The gun was even registered in her name.

Apparently she came with a lot of firepower as reports indicate Aghdam emptied one magazine and reloaded a second.

To purchase the firearm, Aghdam would have had to pass a background check that reviewed any criminal history, DMV records, outstanding warrants, restraining orders and mental health holds.


One thought on “Islamic shooter legally purchased her pistol in a San Diego gun shop

  1. AND… Show proof of residence with a TV cable bill or a utility bill, WAIT 10 days , pass a 35 question safety test to get her … Kaly.. DOJ APPROVED Handgun license and THEN .. she could walk out with her LEGALLY purchased Kaly / Moonbeam approved firearm… The very fact that she had to wait 10 days to commit murder and then carry it out shows. PREMEDITATED MURDER.. This once again proves that Jerry and his thug legislature are simply trying to disarm the population. The 10 day wait period is a freakin bad joke and in the past has been proven to have gotten some folks killed when a bad guy or EX was stalking them and they were denied the right to protect themselves as defined under the 2nd… This is GLARING PROOF that the demorat backed gun control here is bogus and should be repealed.. It is glaringly illegal under the 2nd and the Heller Supreme Court decision.


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