Sacramento’s white elites throw money at #AfricanAmericans in the hopes they’ll stay quiet, and in line

DCYH7NKd_400x400Kia Lewis lives on Sacramento’s 29th Street, not far from where Stephon Clark was brutally executed by white supremacists in the Sacramento Police Department.

According to Capitol News Radio, her eight-year-old son attends the nearby Edward Kemble Elementary School, and during a recent visit she pointed out the peeling paint and dated playground.

“But you should also see the inside of those classrooms,” Lewis added. “It’s not a lot resources, down to the books. They [students] don’t even go to the library.”

Lewis, who is pregnant with her second son, says Clark’s death at the hands of police frightened her.

“I got to worry about my husband, I got to worry about my sons,” Lewis said. “It’s a scary situation when you have to worry about will you see them again?”

It should frighten Kia. Sacramento is so brutally racist that it would fit into literally any Southern town in 1960’s America.

In fact, police shootings worry her more than the reputation of her Meadowview neighborhood: very few grocery stores, parks and vacant lots.

Now, Sacramento’s white elites are talking about dropping a lot of money into places like Meadowview. It’s called Measure U: a local tax that brings tens of millions of dollars a year into Sacramento’s coffers, and that will likely be up for renewal on the November ballot.

White elites hope this spending will keep people of color in their neighborhoods and away from Land Park and the Fabulous Forty’s where they live.

Naturally, Mayor Darrell Steinberg declined to give specifics about the future of Measure U: whether the city would ask voters for more money, if those funds would go to more than just police, fire, parks and libraries. Conversations are happening right now around how to draft the ballot-measure language.

In the end, the police will get most of the money. They have one overriding purpose in Sacramento, to keep people of color in line.


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