California schools caught in yet another money scam

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 09.33.14.pngThe Daily News reports that the California Department of Education has recently begun adding notes to school chronic absenteeism data posted on its DataQuest website.

The notes warn that the statistics may be unreliable.


A page for San Francisco Unified, a district in which 83 schools reported zero absences, now includes a note that reads, “This district has notified the CDE that they have inaccurately reported data for one or more cells on this report. Please contact the school district for details.”

Zero absences, at 83 schools? Seriously?

Those are not the only schools for which absenteeism data collected by the state could be incorrect. School officials apparently cannot explain the discrepancies.

About 10,000 schools submitted data for the chronic absenteeism database, which was made public in December.

Let us explain. Schools get paid based on how many kids actually show up…not on how many are enrolled. So padding their absentee rates keeps the cash coming in.

Congratulations California taxpayers.


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