“Catch and release” ends, California freaks out

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 08.30.20.png
The Trump Administration continues to enforce federal law.

Capitol News Radio, and no doubt the rest of California’s Leftists, are freaking out over the latest Trump administration announcement of two measures to stem the tied of illegal border crossings.

The president issued a presidential memorandum ending a policy commonly called “catch and release,” which released illegal immigrants from detention as they awaited an immigration court hearing.

The memo directs various government agencies, the Departments of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Justice and Defense to report within 45 days on measures they are taking to end “catch and release.”

In his memo, the president said that he is responding to conditions at the southern border.

Critics say the president is using the specter of a migrant invasion to justify the detention of asylum-seekers.

Along with ending “catch and release”, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors to adopt a “zero tolerance” policy toward people trying to enter the United States from Mexico illegally by targeting first-time offenders.

Before, people who were caught trying to cross the border for the first time were charged with misdemeanor crimes. Under a “zero tolerance” policy, illegal entry should be prosecuted to the “extent practicable.”

Currently, a conviction for illegal entry carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison for first-time offenders and two years for repeat offenses. In practice, many are deported after pleading guilty and spending a few days in jail.

Uniform enforcement of federal law continues to freak-out Leftists across California.



One thought on ““Catch and release” ends, California freaks out

  1. Well .. Jerry’s VOTING BLOCK is now being deported and face the real possibility of real jail time which would cut the cash flowing back to Mee He Co and could end Jerry’s crooked monopoly of the illegals voting en masse to nullify the votes of kaly citizens.. Even worse, in a Presidential national election, his illegal voters have been nullifying the other 49 states votes.. MAGA !!


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