Drinking and leering at women gets Capitol staffer purged

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Capitol Public Radio reports that a high-level staffer in the California Assembly resigned earlier this year during an investigation that found it likely he sexually harassed two female employees.

The complaint against Rodney Wilson, who was chief of staff to Assemblyman Tom Daly at the time, claims he was drunk and slurring his words on the final night of the legislative session last year.

Being drunk on the final night of session is not unusual at the Capitol. In fact it’s somewhat of a time honored tradition.

Two female Assembly employees said Mr. Wilson made sexually suggestive comments and leered at them, according to the documents.

An investigation determined that Mr. Wilson “likely” engaged in the behavior.  Mr. Wilson was forced to resign from his job.

Daly said he had not heard about the allegations before the documents were released but he was OK with having Mr. Wilson purged.



One comment

  1. DRUNK while on the job… ANY business would can every one of the demorat drunks found to be drinking while working… Corruption .. pure and simple.. We need to start purging ALL the crooks, drunk Sex criminals etc.. No wonders Kaly is descending into madness and revolution !!


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