Heroin shooting-gallery on the way to becoming a reality in San Francisco

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 08.18.57.png
Legal shooting galleries may soon be a reality in San Francisco.

Proving once again that Democrats in California aren’t doing to let Republicans out-stupid them, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed this week claimed to have secured a $500,000 grant to open up San Francisco’s first safe-injection site during a mayoral forum in the Tenderloin.

The announcement was made to a receptive audience in a neighborhood where residents largely support the idea as a way to help those they routinely see shooting up drugs on streets.

Interestingly, the San Francisco Examiner also reports that when Republican candidate Richie Greenberg spoke against opening safe-injection sites at the forum, he was booed.

The “grant” Breed was referring to is funding from the San Francisco Foundation’s Community Health Innovation Fund, which is a partnership between the San Francisco Foundation, the Department of Public Health and the California Pacific Medical Center.

So a big chunk if it is from taxpayers.

The effort, if successful, will allow people to use drugs like heroin under the supervision of health professionals.


One thought on “Heroin shooting-gallery on the way to becoming a reality in San Francisco

  1. In Orygun, they are trying it in the liberal havens of Eugene and Portlandia.. Guess what.. They are still smacking out in the streets.. Even worse.. After they leave, stoned out of their minds, they cruise the local neighborhoods looking to burglarize homes so they can get their next fix.. The homes are being robbed in broad daylite by these druggies and property crimes related to the latest assinine leftsit demoRat idea are turning quite hoods in drug zones were druggies are concentrated.. Their dealers also now hang out in these areas to supply their customers.. What a freakin great idea from Kaly’s backward thinking leftist losers. !!


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