Psycho #Leftists attack wrong #LauraIngraham

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 08.56.11
Laura Ingraham from Fox News, and Leftist journalist Lauren Ingram from Australia.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s been a tough week for Laura Ingraham…and for Lauren Ingram.

Laura Ingraham, the wildly popular Fox News commentator who rightly slammed Parkland High School dilettante David Hogg, sparked a social media firestorm of outrage from psycho Leftists.

That’ apparently is bad news for Lauren Ingram, a Left-wing Australian journalist who wound up on the receiving end of a lot of that vitriol.

Duh! Their names aren’t even spelled the same.

However, they are both women, blonde and white. That was apparently good enough for the obviously near-illiterate Leftists.

Making matters worse for the Australian Ms. Ingram, “When I tweeted saying, ‘I’m not Laura Ingraham, I’m a feminist journalist from Australia and I don’t like guns,’ then I started getting abuse from Trump supporters and supporters of Ingraham,” she said.

Bummer for her.


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