#BayArea police continue to persecute #AldonSmith

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 11.39.17.png
Aldon Smith

The Bay Area police state run by the region’s white elites continues to persecute former Raiders and 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith.

Once again he’s being held on trumped-up charges in the San Francisco County Jail.

Supposedly, Smith has violated a condition of his electronic monitoring while on bail according to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.

Smith has been a frequent target of Bay Area police. He fits the mold of the type of person police are trying to purge from the region.

He’s young, 28, African-American, male, a professional athlete, and a person of means.


One thought on “#BayArea police continue to persecute #AldonSmith

  1. and apparently .. pretty darn stupid to boot.. Money and sports ability doesn’t make one any smarter than the last grade in school he barely managed to graduate from… Kaly Prisons are full of blk stupid 28-year-olds like him.. Being a Football player and privileged doesn’t shield you from going to jail when you break your electronic parole.


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