Nevada’s #GOP Governor #BrianSandoval refuses to send troops to the border

Screenshot 2018-04-08 at 08.55.03To show you just how powerful Mexican immigrants are, and how much Republicans fear them, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has come out in opposition of  President Donald Trump’s proposal to send National Guard troops to the border.

Sandoval’s decision came even though he wasn’t even asked by the President.

His spokeswoman, Mary-Sarah Kinner, said that the Trump administration has not contacted the Republican governor’s office about the idea.

She says Sandoval doesn’t believe the proposal would be “an appropriate use” of the Nevada Guard.

The Republican governors in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas back the deployment.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Jerry Brown has not told the President no yet. He’s ducking the issue by deferring the question to the bureaucrats who run the California National Guard offices.

Gov. Sandoval’s decision will clearly give Gov. Brown some much needed political cover.

The White House shows no signs of trimming it’s effort to man the border with Guard troops.



One thought on “Nevada’s #GOP Governor #BrianSandoval refuses to send troops to the border

  1. What is left out of the discussion entirely is that once the President FEDERALIZES the Guard.. Jerry, Katie, & Brian, become bystanders and can’t do squat… The President is the Commander in Chief… Period.. It makes no difference what they think or say.. They become bystanders when the President calls up the Guard.
    It’s way too funny to watch two demorats and a RINO bleat about what they will not do when it comes to the Guard and being Federalized. and they do get paid back for expenses.


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